Posted by: keepfishing | August 9, 2005

Have you seen them cakes?

I’m already bored by the festival. It’s only been on for 4 or 5 days, but I’m fed up of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun – I went to a show on Sunday (Sawdust Circle if you’re interested – its great), and I’ve spent time watching the street performers set light to their pubic hairs or whatever they do to get more attention than the bloke before – but I’ve had my fun, and now I want things to get back to normal. I want to be able to walk into town and not have three squillion flyers shoved down my throat by posh students trying to get me see their incest/nudity/violence/sex/gay kissing filled play, that is of course full of laughs and makes strong ‘political statement’. Does everything really have to be controversial to make it worth seeing?

Of course, my viewpoint will change next week when I start playing in a show, and I will maybe even join the ranks of flyer pushers, just to see what it’s like from the other side.

In other news, I’ve finally managed to get someone to rent the flat. Through a series of random God-ordained coincidences, I bumped into a student friend whilst playing golf on the Links. He just so happened to be with his 2 mates looking at flats, and it just so happened that I had 3 bedroom flat available to rent. Job done. Takes a big load of stress away – there’s 5 extra folk staying in the flat during our show, and their stay would have coincided with prospective renters looking around, which wouldn’t have been easy.

Oh and Christy said something about meeting famous people – well I was in the Speigeltent on Sunday night having a beer and saw Simon Taylor (the Lions rugby player, if you’re American)



  1. So who signs up for someone’s blog with a xanga site the day they are retiring from their own site?!!?!? Cheeky Al. 🙂 Where is the Lions team from?

  2. Dude, so weird. I am sitting in a coffee shop and looked out the window and there is a guy in the parking lot right now that looks just like you! haha. I took a double take but remembered you were in Scotland. 🙂 he hehe

  3. I still subscribe to xanga sites cos I still want to know what’s going on in other people’s lives and it sends me an email. i’m nosey.

    And the Lions is the British Lions – supposedly the best players from all 4 countries.

  4. The only reason i’m commenting here is to see if my photo appears now. – Perhaps it will increase visitors to my website?!

  5. Alasdair has just purchased a comment (my comments don’t come cheap) by linking my site. He’s giving me grief about never commenting on his site..I don’t know why considering how difficult it has been to know which of his 7 web blogs he is “mostly” using! =o)

    I love you Al.

  6. He also has a myspace :)! Sorry Al, I had to help add to the cause, which so happens to be bagging on Al. But I know you can take it. You know you miss me 🙂

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