Posted by: keepfishing | August 5, 2005

Whoring yourself to the Edinburgh tourists

Soooo………Once again I have rejected xanga, and dumped her by the proverbial text message. Since blogspot managed to creat their own photo-uploader, this site has started to have the attractiveness of Scarlett Johannson, whilst xanga is coming across much more Jade Goody-like (If any Americans don’t know who she is, there’s a picture just below). I was only using xanga cos people used to look at the site, and who’s gonna look if you’ve got Jade Goody on your arm (except maybe to laugh)?

So here’s to the new relationship. With my wit and charm, and Blogspot’s sexiness, how can it go wrong? I’ll have an army of avid readers in no time. Or not. Most likely I’ll just get too lazy to write and my readers will be seduced away by a new, fresher Lindsay-Lohan type blog.

Anyway, enough of the famous actress allusions (and yes, I know Jade Goody isn’t a famous actress, but did you see her fitness video?), they’re crap. Suffice to say, I’ll be writing sproadically here from now on, and it would be nice if you commented every now and then just so I can feel liked.

Edinburgh is starting to go cray-zee right now. Its teetering on the edge of full blown festival madness. Here and there are pockets of public-school educated university theatre societies, crouching on street corners and trying to seduce you into seeing their pointless ego-trip which a barrage of euphanisms and women (or occaisionally men) running up and down the Royal Mile wearing not very much at all. No doubt there will be some very very good things showing this year, its just that there really is so much tosh on, its hard to identify the good stuff. However, it must be noted that this year, I’m playing in a band for a few nights, and of course, that will be amazing (Search for the Dirty Rascals if you’re interested – only £8.50 a ticket!!)

If you’ve managed to read this far, I applaud you, and reward you with a little gift. I stole this link of another blog (isn’t that what the whole ideas about anyway), and don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Its a serious issue I guess, but its done soooo badly. Anyway, judge for yourself. “People I Don’t Know Are Trying To Kill Me”



  1. The track just makes you cringe ‘people i don’t know are trying to kill me’ la la la. I so wish there was something going on in Birmingham. All enthuasism has been sucked from me this week and the lazyness has taken grip. I was considering watching all three extended editions of Lord of the Rings today. Will all my friends come home please!!!!!! Anyway – Al – hope the book reading is going well….

  2. i would like to say to pete, that i highly suggest the LOTR extended edition idea, as I did it one Saturday in liverpool. be warned, however, that they’re super intense all together and i felt pretty drained halfway through the third one (but that could be because i was running on my 9th hour).

    you have to give me some grace in commenting al, i’m in another state. i also wanted to say that i have had fried chicken both yesterday and today. not the KFC type, but the real kind.

  3. Wow… the pictures are beautiful. You are a man now.

  4. hi al
    this is anna (your coz from australia)
    hannah said u had a blog so i thought i’d take a look.
    yeah, your actress-analogies are very witty.

  5. Hey I heard Jade Goody is your newest fling.

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