Posted by: keepfishing | August 1, 2005

I know a man Bojangles

YES!! Blogspot is soooooooooooo much easier to post pictures with. Enjoy my tigers, and sunsets and canals and stuff (well, they’re not really mine, but the pictures i took of them are). And apologies for gettin a little carried away with the number i posted.



  1. love the venice pics stud. It’s my favourite place to live in the whole world. Poland aint bad either check out our blog
    currently in Krakow and the internet cafe is a bit whiffy must be all this heat

  2. I was on Dixon’s site, and then ended up on Brittney’s site (reading about her being offered a marriage buy no less) and somehow ended up here. So I thought I’d say hi. 🙂 Hi. How was your summer. Did Eddy post you the capo yet? – Christy 🙂

  3. Al!

    I’m checking out your website for the first time today – I’ll keep looking at it when I can and see what you’re up to! Glad you’re a blogspotter now, I have a blog at, you can link it if you want, I’ll be posting what goes on at Newcastle there.

    Take care buddy,


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