Posted by: keepfishing | May 5, 2005

Fringe benefits

The news this week is so exciting I’m gonna post it here AND in xanga! Basically, in the space of two days, i got two phonecalls – one inviting me to play with my old band from Newcastle in the Edinburgh Fringe festival this August, and the other inviting me to teach scuba diving with a company in Edinburgh, pending an informal interview!!

So, if anyone’s around Edinburgh 14th-19th August, come and see us!! It could be the best 45 minutes of your day 🙂

And in keeping with my attempted theme of interesting websites… Can you spot a fake smile??

I got 15 out of 20 right. Not bad, even if I do say so myself!



  1. just 12/20 for me… Enjoy the festival and the diving interview…

  2. I got 16/20. Quite pleases with that!

  3. I got 14/20. That was a realy weird quiz.

  4. come on.. update.

  5. i got 17…i wos quite pleased =)

  6. I got 16/20, not bad eh

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