Posted by: keepfishing | April 8, 2005

mmmmm tasty

This is a special post for all who think I sometimes embellish my stories. Note in particular the paragraph on symbiotic relationships.

Possibly the most amazing relationship in all of God’s creation!

And for once, I have an excuse for not posting regularly – tomorrow I’m off to France boarding, so there will be no updates, and I wont feel guilty!



  1. That is an interesting, um…… creature. Welcome back Alberto!!

  2. I recently read about a tourtise and hippo living in harmony, anything like the cucumber?

  3. did the tortoise live up the hippo’s bum? Then no.

  4. hey thanks for your comment on my xanga… it was def a god thing, i mean it has to be… too many thing makes sense that shouldnt. prov. 16:1 hope you’re having a fab time in france. x sarah

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