Posted by: keepfishing | March 22, 2005

Everything changes but you…

So……..what interesting things have happened in the last 10 days? Erm………………

Actually one of the most fun things I did was sort out my sister’s brithday present, but unfortunately I can’t elaborate until after she gets it, in case she reads this first. What has been fun thouhg, was going diving. After months of trying I’ve finally infiltrated the university dive club, and 20 of us went out to Loch Long on sunday. Man it was cold. Very very very cold. water temperature was 8 degrees, and once you were out, I had to sit in this tiny boat for 45 minutes whilst some others did their dive and then freeze to death on the 20 minute ride back to shore. But it was soooo much fun! I hadn’t been in the water since November, so this was offically the start of the season for me. A fantastic day.

In other news, I booked a very cheap last minute snowboarding holiday for a week in April. So, for me and my buddy Tim, Tignes here we come!!



  1. For a whole week no-one has commented here. Well, I thought that should change…

    “See you tomorrow”

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