Posted by: keepfishing | January 29, 2005

My knee hurts

Just watched the second half of the Southampton v Portsmouth cup match. Wow. It was almost as exciting as the Chapel game this morning (3-3, I got man of the match). But what struck me most (apart from the penalties and sending off) was the way different players handled themselves. Some of them, like Prutton and Hughes were desperate to get involved and provoke the other into throwing punches, whilst others like Primus (who’s a Christian – any coincidence) stayed well away. I most admired De Zeeuw, who was a great captain and forcibly removed his players from remonstrating with the referee. The character of different players has never really struck me before, but for some reason today it did.

In other news, the Americans are back from Spain today. This will particularly nice as we haven’t had a full team meeting since the middle of December, and I discovered that its really boring working on your own the whole time!



  1. Yeah for Americans being back in the good ole UK. We missed Al all week. For your benefit it wasn’t all that great, I mean being around loads of awesome people, hearing amazing talks, spending time with the Lord on the beach. Not good at all. It was on the cold side and snowed when we were in Granada.

  2. I don’t understand the attraction of Spain.

    I’m bored……

  3. hey bud – ever since you switched to this blog, you haven’t been updating every wednesday like you promised you would! c’mon mate! what’s up with THAT?! i wanna hear about NSC already!

    see, look what this place is doing to you?! xanga all the way!!! you were much more consistent then!

    😉 -haemin

  4. De Zeeuw = BARNSLEY player

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