Posted by: keepfishing | January 25, 2005

A bit fresh

Ok dokey. This is a bit of a test. Xanga frustrated me a little – only people who had signed up could post comments, and I’d started to get wierd comments with links to porn sites. So I decided to give the competition a try. I’ll give it a couple of weeks and if I like it, I’ll stick around. Let me know what you think.

So, the last 2 weeks have been exciting: a campus project involving all UK campus staff going down to Brimingham and doing evangelism and training at universities in the region, and then a training retreat in a little place in the countryside.

For those that haven’t read the xanga post, I was working at Wolverhampton for the campus project. This was my first experience of a small christian union, with only about 15 students. But it was really exciting and encouraging to see the faith and perseverence of the few, even when some of the student organisations (ourselves included) seem to sometimes overlook them a little in favour of the bigger universities.

The second week was a retreat for all the new British staff. Whilst it was frustrating not to be back in Edinburgh for the start of term, it was really refreshing (after a really intense week before) and i learnt a lot throuhg the training (mostly on growth). We even got to do a Myers Briggs personality indicator thing. And for those of you who know what it is, I’m an ESTP!

the not so friendly turkey at the retreat center

And so, I’m finally back in Edinburgh, frantically trying to recruit for our National Student Conference in 10 days time (any of you want to go?) and catch up with everything thats happened over the first 2 weeks of term and get in gear for the uni mission weeks starting in a mere 2 weeks!…..



  1. ESTP v ISFJ – we’re not that simular. Keep posting – where ever you are!

  2. Alasdair you know you’re not allowing anonymous comments hence undermining the point of your whole… point?

    I undermine my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. It’s great. You eat from the bottom so the top ones fall in, then none get too soggy before you eat them. Aren’t I a bright spark?

  3. Cheers for pointing that out. Will have to do somethign about it. Ho hum……

  4. i thought about not commenting so as not to encourage you to switch over the darkside, but i bet you’ve already made up your mind anyway! in any case, hope you’re well my friend! i’m FREEEEEEZING over here.. stupid blizzards.. i can’t believe i used to complain that ENGLAND was cold! hope NSC goes well!! give my regards to.. well.. EVERYONE! 🙂 latas… – haemin

  5. Nice turkey

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